Slurry, Manure and Compost Analysis

This service gives valuable information on the levels of nutrient within your slurry, manure or compost.

This knowledge will assist in improving organic matter levels within the soil and, as a bonus, can promote cost savings on fertiliser management.

Those interested in integrated mineral nutrition and soil audits will find this service of great interest.

Integrated Nutrition Picture


Slurry Bio-Slurry Manure Compost
Total Nitrogen Total Nitrogen Total Solids % Total Copper
Total Phosphorus Ammonium Nitrogen Total Nitrogen Total Zinc
Total Potassium Total Phosphorus Total Phosphorus Total Lead
Total Magnesium Total Potassium Total Potassium Total Cadmium
Total Sulphur Total Magnesium Total Magnesium Total Mercury
Dry Matter or Moisture Content Total Sulphur Total Copper Total Nickel
Total Copper Total Zinc Total Chromium
Total Zinc
Total Sodium
Total Solids
Nitrate Nitrogen
TVC  Aerobic 5 days at 22C
TVC Aerobic 1 day at 37C
TVC Anaerobic 5 days 22C
TVC Anaerobic 1 day at 37C


Click for PDF File Example – Slurry Analysis Report

Click for PDF File Example – Manure Analysis Report

Click for PDF File Example – Compost Analysis Report


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