Diet Mineral Check

Diet Mineral Check is an Access based database program which enables farm specific forage mineral analysis data to be used together with standard mineral values from a raw material database to calculate the mineral composition of a complete diet.


Comparison with mineral targets related to milk yield or animal type enables a customised mineral specification to be developed.


Customised mineral specification report is produced as part of the output which can be sent by fax or e-mail to a premix manufacturer.


T&J Database software incorporates the Diet Mineral check as a module, thereby enabling farm specific analytical data for forages and feedingstuffs to be used in the context of the diet being fed to derive a customised mineral specification.


The mineral specification produced by the Diet Mineral check can then be used to select an appropriate supplement from a defined mineral range or to produce a customised mineral for a specific herd.


The capability to balance complete diets in terms of minerals and micronutrients enables animal production to be supported while avoiding mineral related deficiency diseases which adversely affect health, fertility and production.




Click for PDF File Example – Diet Mineral Check

Click for PDF File Example – Diet Mineral Specification

Click for PDF File Example – Target Mineral Report


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