Plant Tissue Analysis

Leaf samples from a variety of crops are analysed using the TEAM Analysis System developed by Albion Laboratories Inc.


The programme is based on the analysis  of thirteen mineral elements which are expressed on a dry matter basis in terms of composition.  Interpretation of the analytical data is dependent upon comparison with a standard for that crop, which is then expressed as a nutrient index.


This TEAM comparison not only looks at analysed values in the  context of how they relate to crop standards, but also takes into account the balance between related elements.


The result is a list of indices starting with the most limiting element to crop production and quality, (i.e. the most negative), and moving to the most excessive element, (i.e. the most positive).


The ideal balance of nutrients is represented by the zero value and the Foliar Metalosate recommendations are then made by reference to the most limiting elements.


Mineral analysis data is only as good as the sampling technique, which needs to be representative of the crop or field area under investigation.


Click for PDF File Example – T.E.A.M. Analysis Report



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