T&J Reaches 70!

May 17, 2021

Thomson & Joseph was established on 11th May 1951 and it’s still going strong today after 70 years! Originally it was set up by Colin Thomson, a physician and Ernest (Joe) Joseph, a pharmacist, to import pharmaceuticals from the re-emerging pharmaceutical industries in Europe post WWII. It was through this activity they became involved in mineral products used in medicine at the time. Since those early days T&J’s interest in minerals has expanded into the agricultural sector, which represents the companies’ main activity today, although we still retain an interest in pharmaceutical minerals, where it all started.

T&J was born into post war austerity and rationing and has survived many economic crises and more recently a health crisis, to reach the grand old age of 70. Thanks to all our customers, suppliers and employees over the years for enabling this anniversary to be achieved. Here’s to the next 70 years!